Beet, Beet Juice, Liver Detoxification And Heart Health

The liver filters most of the toxins you are exposed to and according to British Liver Trust, it is not doing so well. British Liver Trust reports a rise in liver disease.  Part of the problem is increased in environmental pollutants that find themselves in the air we breathe and the foods we eat.

Since the assault on the filtration systems of the body is daily, the including detoxifying foods in the diet also needs to be don on a daily basis.

Beets is one of these detoxifying foods.

Minerals in beets such as iron, and calcium as well as compounds like betaine that helps digestion and B vitamins plus antioxidants raise beets high on the detoxifying foods.

Beets also thin the bile that allows it to move easier through the liver.

American Liver Foundation believes that beets can help heal the liver.

With over 500 liver functions in the body, keeping a strong liver is essential to increase energy level, improve the immune system and regulate the metabolic process.

There are many way to include beets and beet juice into the diet. Before you start going overboard on beet juice, remember to consult with your physician since certain diseases such as diabetes do not do well with large volumes of beet juice.

That is not necessarily the case with whole beets. One reason is that the fiber in beets slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood streams and reduces sugar surges.

Keeping the skin intact during preparation like steaming and roasting helps preserve some of the nutrients.

In sports, beet juice has been reported to help stamina by improving blood flow.

Those with high blood pressure may benefit from the nitrates in beets that convert to nitric oxide.  Research shows that nitric oxide from natural foods as well as commercial forms like extreme no nitric oxide muscle builder could benefit the ability to exercise longer, increase vascular dilation and lower blood pressure.

I prepare whole foods to supplements. However, sometimes time crunches prevent me from preparing food.