Cleansing Herbs

Before you use herbs as part of a natural detox plan, remember that herbs could act as potent drugs with some serious side-effects especially if you are taking medications. You need to consult with a health care professional to ensure that you don’t harm yourself.

Below are a list of herbs that has been traditionally used for their specific effect on your organs including  your colon, liver, and kidneys.

Prune juice 

I know, prunes are not herbs. That does not take away from their gentle and some times not so gentle stimulation of your colon that pushes the undigested and harmful food out of your system.

Flax seeds

Flax seed physical cleansing property comes from Mucilage.  This is a soluble thick viscous fiber you see around seeds as they absorb water. Many health benefits are attributed to mucilaginous foods including colon cleanse. Remember that it is through water absorption this process works and you need to have plenty of water for it to work. Ground flax seeds pass through your digestive track without releasing its nutrients and could cause irritation. Ground flaxseed releases the nutrients and still retain its mucilaginous property.


Psyllium is another form of fiber that helps you cleanse the colon by absorbing water and creating bulk. A healthy digestive track is designed to respond to fiber bulk by moving it through your system.


Senna plant is indigenous to Asia and India. It contains anthroquinone glycosides which stimulate the intestinal contractions and acts as laxative. This is a powerful herb which could create side effects including strong abdominal cramps and pains, diarrhea and, electrolyte imbalance.


Another colon cleans is Rhubarb with anthraquinones including rhein and emodin  with laxative properties.

For liver cleanse Milk thistle is an option.  According to WebMd some studies show milk thistle having possible benefits for those individutals with damaged liver due to industrial toxins like toluene and xylene. More research is needed to confirm the beneficial claims of milk thistle on liver.

For kidney cleanse Dandelion root and Cranberry flush the kidneys.